5 Ways to Google Search for PDF Best 2023

Google Search for PDF There have been times when we just wanted to search as PDF. It is very simple and easy to just search for PDF file type with Google.
I will tell you how we can search pdf in google.

If you only want your Google searches to be PDF, you can try putting a PDF keyword in your search. However, it is not enough as you may only see a few PDF documents in your search results.

For a more accurate search, you will need to use Google search operators.

How To Google Search for PDF

1- Using filetype: operator

It allows to search only the file type you type with google search operator. If you type Filetype:PDF, it will only bring pdf files to you.

For example, filetype:pdf python course

Google Search for PDF filetype:pdf

Advanced search in Google settings

A second option is to use the advanced search in settings to automatically set the filetype:pdf operator.

  1. Enter your search query in the Google search engine.
  2. After Google displays your results, click on the gear icon at the top right.
  3. Select Advanced search.
  4. Next to file type, select Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf), and click on Advanced Search.
Advanced search in Google settings

3- Using “site:” Operator

For example, site:archive.org python course will only show you search results with the relevant Python course keyword on the archive.org website.

4-Using “-” Operator

For example, if you want to search for a PDF file excluding the words defenestration, you can search for filetype:pdf <search query> -defenestration.

5- Using “ ”Operator

For example, the filetype:pdf python course “python is a programming language” will make sure all of your PDF search results have the “python is a programming language” sentence in them.

Optimizing Your Google Search – Google Search for PDF

How to do work

  • Replace your search keyword for different results in search results.
  • If you keep your search query short, you can search more healthily.
  • It is useful to pay attention to language knowledge.
  • Use advanced search operators and filters.
  • Google search usually enables personalized search that highlights content that Google thinks is of interest to you. To do a clean search, you can try searching in incognito mode.

How do I search for a PDF in Google?

Use the Google search bar shortcut filetype: to do this. Additionally, it is a choice in Google’s advanced search.

How do I search for a PDF file?

On your computer, open a File Explorer window.
Type “type:. pdf” – once more without the quotes – in the search box at the top right of your screen, then press Enter.
You can view your PDF files in the main window. To open the desired one in your installed PDF app, click on the desired one.

Can Google search read PDF?

Google Search can it read PDF?
In general, PDFs are crawlable by Google unless they are encrypted or password-protected. Google may analyse the images to extract the text if the text is embedded as text in them. According to the general rule, Google should be able to search and index PDF material if you can copy and paste text from a PDF file.

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