Release kb5022363 – Windows 11 Best 2023

KB5022363 for Windows 11

  • If you’re looking for the most recent Windows 11 Insider rumors, you’ve come to the perfect spot.
  • Today is the day; Microsoft has made new updates available for all of the Dev and Beta Insider Channels.
  • Here, you may obtain the most recent updates to Beta Channel Beta Channel without delay.

If you’re a Windows 11 Insider, you probably already know that more people than just your friends in the Dev channel were able to download the new software this morning.

Microsoft has really chosen to release two builds to Beta Channel users. 

Furthermore today, Beta Channel 

At the two builds, we’ll take a closer look at them.

Review the most recent Dev Channel (build 25281) and Release Preview Channel (KB5022360) releases before we get started.

We’re about to examine Beta builds 22623.1180 and 22621.1180 to find out how they work.

What new features do builds 22621.1180 and 22623.1180 have?

Two builds, 22621.1180 and 22623.1180 (KB5022363), have been made available to Windows Insiders by Redmond-based Microsoft today.

To give you an overview of the new release, it includes a host of issues that need to be fixed as well as brand-new Widget upgrades and a cloud storage alert.

The new graphics in the Settings app’s Accounts tab, which provide a visual breakdown of the cloud storage you utilize across all Microsoft products, are the first thing to take into account.

The updated photos now include an integrated cloud storage meter that displays how much space you’ve used for each product and warns you when you’re running low.

To prevent duplicates on these photographs, the corporation also removed the quota limit from our memberships card.

It is also significant to note that Microsoft has removed the need for sign-in for the widgets board with the most recent upgrade, making the board available to all users.

The taskbar now offers weather updates, and you may pin widgets from your favorite apps or use customized dynamic feeds without creating an account.

Yet, this week’s list of fixes is relatively short, which gives us hope that significant adjustments are genuinely being implemented.

After downloading and installing this build, we’ll take a closer look at these modifications to determine exactly what issues we are facing.

Fixes in Build 22623.1180

  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking on some icons in the hidden icons popup would disappear when it should have opened the context menu for that icon.
  • Fixed the problem where icons of some programs were disappearing and the explorer crashed.
  • The appearance of the taskbar prepared for the tablet has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the taskbar from appearing in Safe Mode when the new search box option was selected.

Task Manager

Hovering your cursor over the search box icon when the Task Management window is small will now display a tooltip.

Some issues with how icons and labels appeared when a contrast mode was activated have been fixed.

What can I do if I can’t install KB5022363? How to do work

  1. Press WinI to access Settings
  2. Choose the System category, then choosing Troubleshoot.
  3. Choose Other troubleshooters from the menu.
  4. The Run button next to Windows Update must be clicked.

It will be important for you to always keep your windows and all the programs you use up to date. There is a high probability of bugs and security vulnerabilities in outdated programs.

KB5023008 was just released for Windows 11

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Release kb5022363 – Windows 11 Best 2023

What is Windows 11 latest version?

The 2022 Update version 22H2 is the most recent update for Windows 11. This update was made available by Microsoft on September 20, 2022. By using Microsoft’s installation assistant or Windows Update, you can download it.

Is 21H2 Windows 11?

In October 2021, the first version of Windows 11, also known as version 21H2 and codenamed “Sun Valley,” was made public. 10.0.22000 is the version number. On June 28, 2021, Windows Insiders who had chosen to join the Dev Channel received the first preview build that was made available to the general public.

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