Apple App Store Debuts ‘Contingent Pricing’ Feature

Apple’s App Store is rolling out a new feature named ‘contingent pricing’ for app developers. The feature aims to allow developers to offer discounted subscription prices to customers who are actively subscribed to a different subscription. The platform suggests this could encourage app partnerships, allowing users access to deals across related applications. The platform is inviting interested developers to begin making plans to implement ‘contingent pricing’ in their respective applications. 

Apple App Store Introduces Game-changing Feature to Boost Developer Opportunities

A compelling era of opportunities beckons for app developers on Apple’s App Store. In a breakthrough move, the tech giant has begun piloting a feature known as “contingent pricing.” This initiative aims to foster user loyalty and enable developers to retain and attract more subscribers. Precisely, developers will be able to offer clients a subscription price at a discount, given that those customers are already subscribed to another subscription, as revealed by Apple in a post on their Developer website.

Contingent Pricing: A Boon for Developers

While Apple has not delved into details or specific examples in their post, it appears the essence of this feature is focused on partnerships. Envision for example, a relatively smaller photo editing app aiming to expand its subscriber base. As per the new scheme, this app could tie up with a larger video editing app, offering discounted access to subscribers of the bigger app. “It can be used for subscriptions from one developer or two different developers,” stated Apple in the post. This implies that corporations could utilize this strategy with their range of apps and competitor apps.

How Contingent Pricing Works

Let’s take a practical scenario – if a company owns a workout app and a meditation app, contingent pricing allows you to receive a deal on one app if you are already a subscriber of the other. Such seamless cross-integration and exchange of offers between apps, whether owned by the same developer or two separate ones, is set to revolutionize the marketplace dynamics on Apple’s App Store.

For developers eager to use this feature, Apple has invited them to plan accordingly and register to receive notifications for further details, which will be available in January.

A New Wave of Deals

In a few weeks, users may notice a spate of new deals. While this may be a different way of marketing, it certainly brings users to the crux of diverse opportunities, offering them many options.

UPDATE: Dec. 18, 2023, 9:08 a.m. EST It was previously reported incorrectly that contingent pricing would allow developers to compete against each other’s pricing. The updated detail reflects that developers can offer subscription discounts, but only where both have agreed to do so.

Implications of Contingent Pricing

A broader impact of the contingent pricing strategy could lead to heightened competition on the platform, as developers strive to offer more appealing packages for users in conjunction with other apps. Not only could this help the indie developers and smaller apps gain more traction, but it also allows users to avail themselves of discounts on their favorite apps, fostering a habit of subscribing rather than only opting for free versions. On the flip side, such a strategy could require careful management of partnerships and negotiations with other developers.

To conclude, the contingent pricing feature ushers in exciting opportunities for developers on Apple’s App Store, fostering partnerships, encouraging user loyalty, and widening the subscriber base. As the curtain lifts on this new feature in the coming months, it’s a space to watch out for for both developers and users alike.



What does ‘contingent pricing’ mean on Apple’s App Store?

‘Contingent pricing’ is a pricing strategy that depends on certain conditions or events. For Apple’s App Store, it could mean the pricing of an app or in-app purchases can change based on certain factors, such as location, time, or user behavior.

How does contingent pricing benefit developers?

Contingent pricing allows developers to adopt a more flexible pricing model, potentially tailoring prices to different markets, peak times of download, or promotional periods. This can increase the reach of their apps globally and potentially boost revenue.

How does contingent pricing affect App Store users?

For users, contingent pricing can mean variable app costs. Depending on location or timing, some apps or in-app purchases might be cheaper or more expensive. It encourages users to stay engaged and active with their apps.

Is contingent pricing applied to all apps on the App Store?

Not necessarily, it depends on the developers whether or not to use contingent pricing for their apps. It’s an optional feature provided by the App Store to offer more pricing flexibility to developers.