Get $250 Off on App Converting Books Into Summaries

Save $250 on an app that turns books into summaries. Headway Premium offers a lifetime subscription to over 1,500 book summaries at a discounted price of $49.97. The top-rated app offers 15-minute audio summaries of non-fiction bestsellers, with up to 50 new titles added monthly. Great for those looking to gain insights on various subjects without the time commitment of reading full books. It features professional voice acting for an engaging listening experience. This deal, ending on December 25, can help you reach your annual reading goals more easily. Two subscription packages are available for $99.97.

Get Ahead With a Headway Subscription: Premium Book Summaries for Lifelong Learning

Struggling to hit your reading goal this year? Thousands, if not millions of book lovers, share your failure, with towers of unread titles gathering dust on their nightstands. However, if you’re determined not to repeat this scenario in the coming year, consider securing a premium subscription to Headway. This valuable tool may be your ticket to hitting your non-fiction reading goal without affecting your busy schedule.

As an Apple Editors’ Choice on the App Store, Headway is a top-rated app serving 15-minute audio summaries of non-fiction bestsellers. The platform allows you to enhance your skill set and gain valuable insights and actionable tips without interrupting your busy day. As of December 17, a lifetime subscription to Headway Premium book summaries is available for a discounted price of just $49.97, almost a six-fold decrease from its regular price of $299.95. A two-subscription package is also available for $99.97, making it a perfect last-minute holiday gift for your knowledge-seeking friends.

Unlimited Access to a World of Knowledge

Designed with personal and professional growth in mind, Headway provides unlimited access to an ever-growing library of non-fiction titles. These are summarized into precise 15-minute chunks in both text and audio formats. The app currently hosts over 1,500 such summaries, with an additional 30 to 50 new ones added every month. This ensures a continuous flow of substantial content for you to engage with and learn from.

Whether your interest lies in business strategies, health insights, or a myriad of other topics, Headway can deliver content specific to your goals. This allows for a more tailored learning experience. What’s more, Headway enhances the fun in learning by incorporating game-like progress tracking and achievement collections.

Quality Narration for Comfortable Listening

The audio summaries offered by the Headway app are all voiced by professional voice actors. This ensures an engaging and comfortable listening experience, unlike AI-generated voice snippets. The format is reminiscent of podcasts, enabling you to absorb knowledge during daily commutes, workouts, or household chores.

Choose Headway and discover a new learning method that fits your busy schedule without compromise.

Seasonal Deals for Headway Premium

Available until December 25 at 11:59 p.m. PT, Headway offers a time-limited promotion. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab a lifetime subscription for only $49.97 or secure two for $99.97. Please note that StackSocial prices are subject to change.

Turn the page on your defined reading goals, and start a new chapter with Headway. This modern professional and personal growth approach might be the key to unlocking limitless learning potential at your fingertips. Begin your journey now and never stop growing with Headway, the premium book summaries provider.


How does the app convert books into summaries?

The app uses a sophisticated algorithm that scans the entire book, identifies key points and concepts, and condenses them into a comprehensive summary.

Can I save money with this app?

Yes, with the current deal, you can save $250 on the usual price of this app.

Will the book summaries be as effective as reading the entire book?

While summaries cannot replace the full understanding and depth of reading the entire book, they are designed to provide the key concepts and arguments, making them a great tool for quick learning and revision.

Can I request a summary for a book not in the app’s library?

Yes, many apps provide an option for users to request the addition of new book summaries. However, the actual service may vary depending on the app’s policies.