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MailTracker, developed by, is a state-of-the-art, free email tracking service for Gmail, used by over 80,000 active users. Covering real-time alerts on email activities such as reading receipts and the number of times, your emails have been opened; this tool offers enhanced tracking capabilities with an advanced email tracking extension for the Chrome online store. Furthermore, it is privacy-friendly and doesn’t read, store, manage, or delete your emails. However, MailTracker offers Premium versions with complete feature access for those requiring more. Despite its comprehensive features, MailTracker maintains simplicity and efficiency, by only storing identification numbers of tracked emails for functionality.

The distinctive features of MailTracker include an Email Activity Feed, Gmail integration, email alerts, and Chrome notifications. The Activity Feed keeps track of all recently opened emails and categorizes them for easy access. Gmail integration offers users the ability to activate tracking for any new emails. Specifically designed for the modern user, MailTracker is a comprehensive tool to monitor all your Gmail activities effectively, providing a wealth of data that’s easily accessible and interpretable.

Extension NameMailTracker: Email tracker for Gmail
Users100,000 users
UpdatedDecember 6, 2023

What is the MailTracker: Email tracker for Gmail Chrome Extension

It is an email tracking service for Gmail that provides insight into how and when your emails are accessed. This advanced tool is mainly used for sales, marketing, and public relations professionals who need to know if their emails have been read or ignored. By installing the extension to your Gmail account, every email you send automatically gets a tracking device.

Once the recipient opens the email, MailTracker notifies you instantly. This valuable information can help sales, marketing, or any professional to analyze their strategies, understand their customers’ behavior, and make necessary adjustments.

However, it’s crucial to mention that using such tools raises ethical questions about privacy and consent. Therefore, users must ensure they are respecting privacy regulations and using the information responsibly. As MailTracker becomes more popular, the wider implications of its use will no doubt continue to be a subject of discussion. Nevertheless, many professionals believe that email tracking tools like provide a simple and effective way to optimize email communication and increase accountability.

In conclusion, It is an essential tool for people who rely heavily on email for their business, allowing them to gain insights into their email activity and improve their communication approach.

How to use the MailTracker: Email tracker for Gmail Chrome Extension

Using MailTracker, an email tracking extension for Gmail, is a simple process that can provide valuable insights about your email communications. First, you must install the extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. Once installed, the extension will automatically integrate with your Gmail account.

To start tracking your emails, compose an email as you normally would. You will notice a new icon next to the send button indicating that tracking is on. After sending your email, a notification will appear in your inbox once the recipient opens your email.

Additionally, you can access detailed tracking information by opening the sent email. The extension dashboard provides information on the date, time, location, device, and how many times the recipient opened the email. These insights can be valuable, especially for business professionals looking to optimize their email communications.

MailTracker: Email tracker for Gmail Effectively with Gmail MailTracker
MailTracker: Email tracker for Gmail Effectively with Gmail MailTracker

Overall, MailTracker for Gmail is straightforward and enhances email usage by providing the necessary data to further your communication needs. Its simplicity, user-friendly interface, and robust features make it an essential tool for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your email communications.

In the interconnected world of the digital age, implementing effective communication tools can greatly enhance business efficiency. One such innovative tool is


a cutting-edge email tracking service targeting Gmail users. Its main job is to keep the sender updated about the status of their sent emails by notifying them when the emails are opened. As an innovative feature, MailTracker also informs about the exact number of times an email has been opened.

Currently boasting over **80,000 active users**, this free email tracking service has been setting remarkable standards in email analytics and tracking capacities. It offers both a free version and upgraded premium versions with enhanced features.

MailTracker Chrome Extension
MailTracker Chrome Extension

**instant email or Chrome notifications**

when someone opens your email. The unique ‘no open’ notification feature is a reminder if an email remains uninfluenced 48 hours after being sent.

Proving its commitment to user-friendly interfaces, developed the

**Email Activity Feed**,

In an age where privacy is of utmost concern, It is a breath of fresh air. As a privacy-friendly email tracking platform, it does not read your emails, knows the identity of your recipients, stores IP addresses, shares your data with third parties, or manages or deletes your emails. Consequently,

MailTracker takes a strong stand on data protection

The premium versions of MailTracker come free of limitations, unlocking unrestricted access to all its signature features. The plan variation mainly involves the number of manageable accounts under each plan. MailTracker signifies its ethos of simplicity through such an uncomplicated system of plans.

One important aspect of It is that it **does not read or store any emails**. It only requires storing identification numbers for tracked emails and staying clear of the invasive practice of reading and managing user emails to function properly.


MailTracker serves as a much-needed solution for efficient email tracking and aids in augmenting the transparency and performance of digital communication. Ultimately, it is about empowering users through innovative technologies, and MailTracker seems to vouch for this ethos.

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What is MailTracker?

MailTracker is an email tracker for Gmail that lets you know when the emails you send are opened or clicked.

How does MailTracker work?

MailTracker embeds a small, invisible tracking pixel into each email you send.

Is MailTracker free?

Yes, MailTracker offers a basic free version. There is also a premium version available that includes more features.

Is MailTracker secure?

Yes, MailTracker respects user privacy and doesn’t have access to your email content. It only tracks the open or click events of the emails you decide to track.