Roblox Show Status “New Updates in Roblox World”

Roblox Show Status is a handy tool allowing users to view other players’ statuses within the Roblox website. In an unexpected move, Roblox completely removed the visibility option of players’ statuses earlier this year. This caused disappointment among many users who enjoyed the community aspect of this feature.

However, with the Roblox Show Status extension, visibility of player statuses has been restored. This development demonstrates the makers’ understanding of its user community’s needs. As of April 18, 2021, this extension has been updated to version 1.0.1. It has already gained 20,000 users, showcasing its popularity and essential contribution to enhancing the user experience in Roblox, thus enhancing the accessibility of the social elements of this gaming platform.

In a nutshell, Roblox Show Status has provided an effective solution for players wishing to view status on the Roblox website. The user-friendly nature of this extension perfectly complements the dynamic and interactive environment of Roblox, catering to the community’s requirements and enhancing user connectivity.

Extension NameRoblox Show Status
Users20,000 users
UpdatedApril 18, 2021

What is the Roblox Show Status Chrome Extension

Roblox Show Status, in essence, can be defined as a feature in the game of Roblox. Developed by Roblox Corporation, Roblox is an online multiplayer platform where users can create their own interactive games and also play games created by other users. Introduced within the platform is the Show Status feature. This feature offers an interactive way for players to communicate in-game by enabling them to display a short message or ‘status’ that other players can see. This status can give insight into a player’s game progress and mindset or be a way to transmit a fun message.

Engaging and dynamic, the Show Status feature enhances the social and interactive elements of the Roblox gaming platform. It introduces an additional layer of complexity, as users can modify their status, thus allowing for more player-to-player interaction. Moreover, it stimulates creativity because a player’s status is limited to 50 characters, forcing players to convey their intended message succinctly. This feature showcases Roblox’s commitment to providing an immersive, communicative and entertaining gaming ecosystem.

How to use the Roblox Show Status Chrome Extension

Roblox Show Status is a feature that allows players to customize their online presence. It allows users to display their current activity or status to friends and other players, enhancing the social aspect of the gaming platform.

To use this feature, you have to first navigate to the ‘Settings’ page on Roblox. In the ‘Privacy’ tab, you will see the ‘Who can see my status’ section. Here, you can choose who you want to display your status to, with options ranging from ‘Everyone’ to ‘No one’.

Roblox Show Status "New Updates in Roblox World"
Roblox Show Status “New Updates in Roblox World”

After configuring your settings, navigating to your Roblox profile will allow you to key in your custom status. You can use it to let your friends know what game you’re playing or share a quick update or message.

Roblox Show Status thus serves as a simple yet effective way to engage with your friends and other players on the platform, making your gaming experience more interactive and enjoyable. It’s important to remember to use this feature responsibly and avoid sharing sensitive personal information to maintain your online safety.

Roblox Players Statuses Viewing – Enabled Again!

Roblox, one of the most influential and popular online gaming platforms has made a significant change earlier this year – they completely removed the feature to view other players’ statuses. This was seen as a major setback by many devoted users worldwide. However, a new extension is now available that effectively enables users to view the statuses of other players once again within the Roblox website. Categorized under “Accessibility”, the extension has already been installed by more than 20,000 users since its release on April 18, 2021.

A Deep Dive into the New Extension

The extension allows you to view other players’ statuses directly from the Roblox website. In other words, this extension brings back a feature previously removed by Roblox, which users have strongly demanded. As of April 18, 2021, in its version 1.0.1, this extension now allows gamers to enhance their gaming experience and keep up-to-date with their friends’ activities in the virtual world.

With the previous removal of the status viewing feature, players reportedly found it challenging to keep track of their friends’ activities and achievements on the platform, and communication among players took a hit. However, with the introduction of this new extension, users can once again enjoy the convenience and engagement that comes with viewing other players’ statuses.

The Impact on the Roblox Community

Since its release, the extension has been installed by over 20,000 users, hinting at a warm reception within the Roblox community. It’s clear no one wanted to miss out on the vibrancy that was once part and parcel of the Roblox experience. The extension does not interfere with the Roblox gameplay. Instead, it contributes to a more inclusive and interactive environment within the platform.

It enhances connectivity among players and allows users to stay informed about their friends’ activities, making their gaming experience more collaborative and social.

User Reviews and Feedback

Since its very recent launch, the extension has already seen many downloads. The feedback from the users has been predominantly positive, suggesting that the extension successfully managed to fill a gap that the removal of the status-viewing feature had created.

Some users have expressed appreciation that they can once again monitor their friends’ status changes in real-time, just as they used to. Users have highlighted the simplicity of the extension, which does not require any additional software download or technical expertise to be installed or used.


Change is perpetual, and so is adaptation. The removal of the status-viewing feature by Roblox might have initially disrupted the accustomed way of gaming, but the new extension has successfully managed to bridge this gap. With over 20,000 installations within a short period since its release, the extension testifies to the vitality of status-viewing in online gaming platforms.

This extension is indeed a game-changer. It has brought back an essential feature sorely missed by Roblox gamers, reshaping the gaming landscape for a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.
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What is Roblox Show Status?

Roblox Show Status is a system that allows users on the Roblox platform to share status updates and display a particular state unique to their avatar. This can include messages or descriptions of the avatar’s current in-game activity.

Can anyone see my Roblox Show Status?

Yes, everyone on the platform can see your Show Status once it is set. This gives other users insight into what you’re currently doing on Roblox.

How do I change my Roblox Show Status?

To change your Show Status, navigate to your Roblox profile and click on the status box. You will then be able to type in and update your show status, which will be visible to others on the platform.

Is Roblox Show Status mandatory?

No, setting a Show Status on Roblox is not mandatory. It is a completely optional feature designed to enhance social interaction on the platform.