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VisBug is an open-source browser design tool that serves as a debugging tool for web designers. Conceived with JavaScript, it’s billed as a designer’s version of FireBug. With VisBug, designers can point, click, move, resize, and tinker with any page in any state. It allows users to inspect styles, spacing, alignment, and accessibility, and analyze layouts and content in the real environment at any device size. Essential design skills from Adobe/Sketch can be used with VisBug, and it enhances the ability to edit text and replace images.

Conventional constraints don’t hinder designers’ creative process as they can design within the chaos, utilizing production or prototypes and their unusual states as artboards and design opportunities. They can also design while DevTools simulates variables such as latency, i18n, media queries, CPUs, and screen sizes. VisBug empowers designers and content creators in areas where they may feel underpowered by bringing design tool interactions and hotkeys to the browser. With a 4.8 out of 5 rating and 100,000 users as of October 21, 2022, VisBug is disrupting the norm in web design tools.

Extension NameVisBug
Users100,000 users
UpdatedOctober 21, 2022
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What is the VisBug Chrome Extension

VisBug is a revolutionary open-source web design debugging tool developed by Google. This innovative browser extension simplifies nuances of web design, providing users with quick and practical solutions to edit and manipulate the design of web pages. With many functionalities like changing alignments, typography, and colors, VisBug is a dynamic tool beneficial for developers and non-developers alike.

Its efficacy beyond common tools lies in its simplicity – making design alterations without writing codes or modifying CSS files, in real-time. Moreover, it fosters easier collaboration by allowing teams to share design mockups & alterations via simple screenshots.

VisBug is quickly becoming an influential player in the web design ecosystem. IIts user base continues to expand, establishing VisBug as a key tool in web design.

How to use the VisBug Chrome Extension

VisBug is a browser extension tool useful for designers and developers to test and debug the HTML and CSS of web pages. To use VisBug, add it to your browser from the Chrome extension store; then, it simply navigates to the webpage you wish to work on and clicks on the VisBug extension. It will allow you to inspect, edit, and fine-tune elements on your webpage. You can adjust the positions, colors, and styles of any element on the page directly without changing the source code.

VisBug Chrome Extension
VisBug Chrome Extension

A special feature of VisBug is the guides panel, which brings professional design tool principles into web design. It allows for alignment, measuring distances between elements, and maintaining a consistent design layout. Another notable feature is the hover inspection, which is incredibly useful for unmasking hidden elements. Furthermore, VisBug also offers a search feature, where you can find and select various elements using query selectors.

In essence, VisBug is a modern tool easing the debugging of web design, without needing in-depth coding knowledge. It empowers designers to change webpage attributes in real time, fostering better design-input workflows.

Open Source Browser Design Tools: A FireBug for Designers

Taking a stride in the world of open-source web design debug tools built with JavaScript, we’re delving into an all-in-one solution for designers. Picture FireBug, but specifically tailored to the needs and eccentricities of a designer’s thought process and workflow. You can point, click, move, and resize while tinkering incessantly with the minute details. This tool enables you to edit or style any webpage, in any state, as if you’re playing with an artboard.

The Remarkable Freedom to Edit on the Go

Inspecting styles, spacing, distance, accessibility, and alignment has never been easier. In addition, you can nitpick layouts and content, in the real end environment. Designers can work on any device size, leveraging Adobe/sketch skills to input live changes.

This versatile tool allows designers to edit text, replace images, and play around with the chaos of production or prototypes.

An Amplified Front End Designing Experience

Design within the DevTools conditions while simulating latency, i18n, media queries, platform constraints, CPUs, screen size, and so on. The ability to make decisions regarding your site/app on the front end (a11y, responsive, edge cases, etc.) has also been amplified, making the designing process more hands-on and less dependent on the development team.

There’s no need to wait for developers to disclose their building blocks—you can plunge right in, edit the end state regardless of the framework it’s built with, and test your ideas practically and interactively.

Empowering Designers and Content Creators

This debugging tool aims to empower designers and content creators in an industry. This innovative tool accomplishes this by bringing design tool interactions and hotkeys to the browser.

Opening direct interaction channels with the end product of a site/app development allows designers to incorporate changes instantly without going through the lengthy process of translating their ideas to the developers and waiting for implementation.

Focused Designing with Unique Opportunities

Designers can concentrate on creating engaging content and stunning visuals without getting hemmed in by technicalities. This open-source browser design tool provides a unique opportunity to fine-tune and perfect web designs with all the features of a high-end design tool yet within the real-world constraints of an actual browser environment.

Turning chaos into opportunities, the tool incorporates realistic site conditions, thus making it a more practical and viable way of testing and developing web designs.


Open-source browser design tools are the next step in web design and development, giving designers unparalleled control. The ability to directly interact with and alter a site and test ideas in real conditions effectively reduces development time. Extension makes the design process more efficient and accurate. This heightened designer involvement ensures more polished and refined end products, advancing the field.
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What is VisBug?

VisBug is an open-source browser design tool built for the modern web. It gives developers a high level of control over their website design in the browser itself.

How does VisBug work?

VisBug allows developers to manipulate elements on a webpage using a point-and-click interface directly. It provides access to various tools such as color changes, spacing, text editing, and more.

What browsers are compatible with VisBug?

VisBug is a Chrome extension primarily designed for use with the Chrome browser.

Is it easy to use VisBug?

Yes, VisBug is designed with simplicity in mind. While it can perform complex web design tasks, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, even for beginners.