Better Roblox Badges Extension “Enhanced Roblox Badges Add-On”

The Better Roblox Badges Extension is a tool designed to enhance the user experience on the website. This unique extension adds a variety of new Roblox Badges to enhance users’ profiles. It provides users with multiple new accolades such as UGC Creator, Accelerator, Star Creator, and many more, marking various achievements and milestones, including visits and veteran years.

To utilize this feature, users have to visit their profile, where they will find their new badges. Developed by GitHub user jmkd3v, this 1.0.1 version extension improves the social networking aspect of the Roblox gaming platform, and as of December 16, 2022, it has been adopted by over 10,000 users. The extension equips users with a more streamlined, engaging, and rewarding Roblox experience.

Extension NameBetter Roblox Badges Extension
Users10,000 users
UpdatedDecember 16, 2022

What is the Better Roblox Badges Extension Chrome

It is a third-party tool designed to enhance the gaming experience of Roblox. It is developed by passionate Roblox players who aim to add functionalities to invigorate the Roblox interface further. This extension provides users various features like collecting, trading, or selling badges. It offers a more streamlined approach to managing badges, adding dimension and convenience to playing Roblox.

Better Roblox Badges Extension "Enhanced Roblox Badges Add-On"
Better Roblox Badges Extension “Enhanced Roblox Badges Add-On”

Furthermore, utilizing the Better Roblox Badges Extension also provides an enhanced way of visualizing and showcasing the badges achieved by a player. It brings a sense of accomplishment and prestige among Roblox players. Importantly, it fosters interaction and engagement among its users creating an active and dynamic community within the game. However, it is worth noting only to download the extension from trusted sources to ensure safety and security while enjoying the added features in Roblox.

How to use the Better Roblox Badges Extension Chrome Extension

The extension is an effective tool that enhances the Roblox gaming experience. To use it, it must first be installed from a trusted web source such as the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-Ons. After installing, the extension is automatically active on Roblox’s website.

In terms of functionality, Better Roblox Badges adds extra information to the badge section of game pages and user profiles. This extension allows users to view the full list of badges, including those that are no longer available. Furthermore, users can also filter badges by their rarity, providing insights that were not accessible before.

To utilize these features, simply navigate to a game page or a user profile on the Roblox website. The altered badge section should automatically appear, provided that the extension is correctly installed and active. Understanding and using the extension is straightforward. It provides an elevated gaming experience with its easily accessible badge information.


The world of online gaming has seen a resurgence of sorts with Roblox leading the way – with its impeccable graphics, smooth gameplay, and interactive platform. Roblox offers a vast and varied range of online mini-games for players across the globe to enjoy and have fun. An ambiance that is full of fun and entertainment needs a competitive edge, a motivational nudge for players to perform better. That’s where Roblox badges come in place. The extension boosts the gaming experience by adding a series of new badges to the mix.

The Better Roblox Badges Extension

It is an effective and engaging way of uplifting the gaming experience on Roblox. This extension, downloadable from GitHub, adds several new badges to a user’s profile, enhancing not only the profile’s aesthetics but also the competitive spirit among the gamers.

What’s New?

Better Roblox Badges Extension brings to the Roblox gaming community a new world of achievements. These additions have been made by considering the current trends and how the gamers are contributing to the platform.

UGC Creator

The first additional badge is the UGC Creator. This badge is an added bonus for gamers who go beyond the realm of basic gaming and contribute towards improving the User Generated Content (UGC) ecosystem on Roblox.


The Accelerator badge is awarded to those developers who have demonstrated the potential for great success in the realm of game development and design. This badge helps in distinguishing the experienced developers from the beginners on the platform, hence adding weight to their profile.

Star Creator

Star Creator is another new badge added to the extension. This badge celebrates the gamers who have achieved fame on the platform. It’s an acknowledgment of gamers loved and admired by the community.

Year Veterans

The Year Veterans badges reward the old members of Roblox. Users who have been actively contributing to the platform for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 years are given these badges as a token of thanks for their long and continuous support.

Better Roblox Badges Extension is an excellent upgrade from the traditional badges. With these new badges, gaming on Roblox has become more rewarding and fun. This extension is truly a game-changer, bringing a fresh wave of competitiveness and enjoyment to the world of Roblox gaming.


The Better Roblox Badges Extension goes a long way to improve player self-esteem and achievement and promotes a sense of satisfaction amongst the Roblox community. It makes the gaming journey on Roblox more engaging and exciting. Overall, this innovative badge extension is a step forward in making the gaming community more lively and competitive. Grab the Better Roblox Badges Extension now, and let the games commence!
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What is the Better Roblox Badges Extension?

The Better Roblox Badges Extension is a tool that enhances the user experience on Roblox by providing additional features and functionality for badges on the platform.

How does the Better Roblox Badges Extension work?

The extension works by integrating into the Roblox platform and modifying how badges are presented and interacted with. This allows users to access enhanced features unavailable in the default Roblox badge system.

Is the Better Roblox Badges Extension free?

Yes, it is free to use. However, some additional features may require payment.

What additional features does the Better Roblox Badges Extension provide?

The extension provides features such as sorting and filtering badges, tracking badge progress, viewing high-quality badge images, and more.