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Roblox URL Launcher is an open-source extension that enables users to join a specific game or server or open a studio based on URL parameters. Working on all platforms that support Roblox launcher, including Windows and MacOS, but currently unsupported by Chrome OS. This tool is not designed to bypass Roblox security and cannot facilitate access to games or servers that a user would typically not have access to. For example, it is not used to join a game without permission or follow a player you can’t usually connect with.

Examples of potential usage include following a user into a game, opening a specific place in the studio, or joining a private server using a private server link. These features are all predicated on user access and privacy settings. The browser tab from which the extension is launched typically closes automatically after use unless the ‘dontClose=1’ parameter is included in the link. This community-made extension has gained popularity quickly, with 30,000 users as of its most recent update on August 25, 2022.

Extension NameRoblox URL Launcher
Users30,000 users
UpdatedAugust 25, 2022

What is the Roblox URL Launcher Chrome Extension

Roblox URL Launcher is a significant investment in the gaming industry developed by the reputable Roblox Corporation. It functions as a connective tool that allows players to open Roblox protocol links from diverse applications, such as browsers, without manually initiating Roblox’s main software. Its principal task is to enhance players’ gaming experience by expediting their entry into games and providing a seamless switch between various Roblox games.

Roblox URL Launcher Chrome Extension
Roblox URL Launcher Chrome Extension

Despite many benefits, some users have raised security concerns over Roblox URL launchers. It’s crucial to remember that while this tool makes gaming more convenient, it may inadvertently expose users to potential security threats, mostly when used carelessly. Users should thoroughly check any URLs before opening and avoid clicking on suspicious links. In essence, Roblox URL Launcher improves the overall gaming experience, while challenges such as security threats can be mitigated through a cautious approach toward gaming activities.

In conclusion, the Extension presents a potent tool for enhancing the convenience and efficiency of the game connection. The master developers of this software continue to work towards making it more user-friendly and safer. This commitment assures gamers of an ever-improving and secure gaming environment in the future.

How to use the Roblox URL Launcher Chrome Extension

The Extension is an integral tool for game enthusiasts who utilize the renowned platform Roblox. It is designed to streamline your gaming experience by automatically directing you to the game you want to play from your browser by launching the Roblox desktop application.

The use of the Extension is rather straightforward. First, download the Roblox desktop application and install it on your computer. After installing the application, use your web browser to the Roblox website. Then, find and select the game you wish to play. After clicking on the game, you will observe a pop-up on the screen that prompts you to Open Roblox. Click on it, and the Roblox URL Launcher will instantaneously take you to the game on the Roblox desktop application.

In conclusion, the Extension is an efficient tool that enhances swift and easy navigation of the Roblox platform. It saves time and increases the user’s convenience by making all your preferred games just a click away.

Introducing the Community-Made Roblox URL Launcher Extension

Roblox is a platform that features many games, each varied in settings, interaction, and gameplay. To improve and simplify user experience, an innovative, community-made extension known as the Roblox URL Launcher has been developed. A convenient tool that is open-source (available on GitHub at, this extension allows users to join a game, connect to a specific server, or open studio based on URL parameters.

Key Features of the Roblox URL Launcher Extension

The Roblox URL Launcher extension should work wherever the Roblox launcher itself functions, namely, Windows and MacOS. Notably, it has not been constructed to bypass Roblox security. Permission restrictions still apply, meaning users cannot access games or servers they would normally be restricted from entering.

The distinct advantage of this extension is that it simplifies connecting to games and servers via links. Below are a few examples of possible link usages:

An interesting feature of the extension is that the browser tab will be automatically closed after launching the application unless the `dontClose=1` parameter is present in the link.


This extension aims to improve the gaming experience. However, it’s critical to note that the extension uses the Roblox trademark for identification purposes only and does not signify any affiliation with the trademark holder or their product brand. Further, the extension is not a product of Roblox Corporation – rather, it is a contribution by the community for the users.

With this extension, the gaming experience on Roblox becomes significantly more intuitive and seamless, proving it to be a beneficial addition to the platform. With over 30,000 users, this utility continues enhancing the Roblox experience across Windows and MacOS platforms. Simplicity, efficiency, and improved accessibility make the Roblox URL Launcher extension an indispensable tool for dedicated Roblox gamers.
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What is Roblox URL Launcher?

Roblox URL Launcher is a tool that directs users to the Roblox game or page associated with a specific URL. This tool is especially useful for sharing specific games or pages within the Roblox platform.

Is Roblox URL Launcher safe to use?

Yes, It is safe to use. However, always ensure that the URL you’re being directed to is a legitimate Roblox page to avoid phishing and scams.

How can I use Roblox URL Launcher?

You can use the extension by entering it in the URL field of your browser. Once you hit enter, you’ll be directed to the corresponding Roblox game or page. Be sure to double-check the URL to ensure it’s legitimate.

Does Roblox URL Launcher require any special permissions?

No, Roblox URL Launcher doesn’t require any special permissions. You can use it without needing to adjust your device or browser settings.