Color Picker for Chrome™ “Enhance Browser with Chrome Color Picker”

Color Picker for Chrome™ is a streamlined extension that allows users to identify and use color codes from any webpage. Offering HEX and RGB options, this tool provides precise color readings for any point within the browser, effectively supporting various elements and additional features. Its easy usage involves simply tapping the desired point after enabling the color picker cursor icon and then copying the displayed color code. Constant improvements such as bug fixes, UI enhancements, and adding a color picker palette within the extension pop-up, increase its functionality, demonstrated by the increasing user base and favorable reviews. Its current version ensures a seamless full-screen performance and color detection history, adding to its user-friendly nature.

Extension NameColor Picker for Chrome™
Users200,000 users
UpdatedMarch 16, 2023
CategoryDeveloper Tools

What is the Color Picker for Chrome™ Extension

Color Picker for Chrome™ is a user-friendly extension that allows you to identify and obtain color values from any page on the web. With a simple click, it provides color specifications in various formats, including RGB, HEX, and HSL. This tool is considered highly beneficial for web designers and developers who frequently need to match colors across different design elements and pages.

The color-picking process is effortless using this extension. You hover over the desired color on a webpage, and the color values are instantly displayed on the extension’s panel. You can easily copy the color values and use them either in CSS files or any design software. There is also an optional built-in feature for color adjustment and creating custom palettes.

In conclusion, Color Picker for Chrome™ brings practicality and simplicity to your design process. It enables users to visualize, choose, and use colors in their web design projects, making color matching easier and more efficient.

How to use the Color Picker for Chrome™ Chrome Extension

The Color Picker for Chrome™, a user-friendly browser extension, lets users ascertain the colors viewed on web pages. Upon installation, a color-dropper icon will appear on the toolbar, allowing the user to instantly pick a color from any webpage.

Color Picker for Chrome™ "Enhance Browser with Chrome Color Picker"
Color Picker for Chrome™ “Enhance Browser with Chrome Color Picker”

To pinpoint the exact color the user desires, they need only hover and click their mouse on any part of the webpage. The tool also provides a color palette for those wanting to browse various shades and hues.

For professionals working with design and aesthetics on the web, Color Picker for Chrome™ is an indispensable and labor-saving tool. Its simplicity and efficiency make it a go-to extension for anyone needing to identify specific color codes quickly.

Unleash the Power of Hex, RGB Color Picker, and Advanced Eyedropper with Color Picker Chrome Extension

In the digital era, where aesthetics and visuals play a vital role in web design and development, having the right color tool at your disposal becomes imperative. A vital tool in the arsenal of every designer and web developer is the Color Picker Chrome extension, an innovative tool that allows you to extract the HEX and RGB color codes from any element on a webpage where you desire.

What is the Color Picker?

The Color Picker is a Google Chrome extension designed to assist web developers and designers in getting color readings from any point on their browser display. It allows users to extract the HEX and RGB color codes from any pixel on the webpage. All one needs to do is copy and use the code as required. The seamless interface supports most webpage elements, offering an enhanced feature set for an effortless color-picking experience.

How to Use the Color Picker?

Using the Color Picker for Chrome is extremely simple and user-friendly. Once you have it installed:

  • Visit any webpage from which you wish to extract a color code.
  • Click on the extension icon enabling the color picker cursor.
  • Tap on the color point you aim to get the data for, and the required color code will be provided in HEX and RGB formats.
  • All you have to do is copy the code. You can repeat the same steps to find the color code at another position.
Color Picker for Chrome Extension
Color Picker for Chrome Extension

Key Features of the Color Picker

The Color Picker extends its utility beyond just a simple HEX and RGB color explorer, incorporating numerous features to enhance user-friendliness and functionality. Its primary features include:

  • Picking the color of any pixel on the webpage.
  • Providing an RGB color picker.
  • Offering a HEX color picker.
  • Enabling a HEX color code picker.

Version Updates: Spotlight on New Additions and Fixes

The Color Picker is continuously refined and upgraded to deliver a seamless and efficient user experience.

  • Version 1.1.0 reset the tool’s functionality by fixing bugs in the history of recently picked colors.
  • Version 1.0.0 introduced a new color picker palette within the extension pop-up, allowing users to choose desired color codes readily.
  • Version 0.2 resolved issues related to magnification on both Mac and Windows. It also fixed a bug that had previously prevented full-screen functionality.

In summary, Color Picker is a powerful ally for anyone involved in web design and development, offering a simple way to grab colors from any website. Whether you are a web designer aspiring to match your client’s branding perfectly, a developer coding a stylish web interface, or a digital marketer creating eye-catching visuals, the Color Picker Chrome extension has you covered.
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What is Color Picker for Chrome™?

Color Picker for Chrome™ is a tool that allows you to select and identify colors in your browser. It’s useful for web and graphic designers, or anyone who needs to match or identify specific colors.

How does Color Picker for Chrome™ work?

Select the color picker tool, click on any color within your browser, and the tool will display the RGB and HEX values of the selected color.

Is Color Picker for Chrome™ free to use?

Yes, Color Picker for Chrome™ is free to install and use.

Can I use Color Picker for Chrome™ on any webpage?

Yes, the Color Picker tool can be used on any webpage if opened in the Chrome browser.