Dark mode / night reader “Discover the Night Reader: Dark Mode Feature”

“Dark Mode/Night Reader” effectively reduces eye strain by inverting page colors and turning background dark and text light. This tool especially benefits night workers or individuals operating in low-light environments. The last mode is particularly helpful for pages with diagrams accompanied by text, excluding photos.

Each website’s settings are independently saved, offering flexibility. Moreover, an options page can be accessed by right-clicking the button to change the default mode for all pages. Being licensed under GNU GPLv2, the extension respects users’ privacy and does not upload any data to the internet. The default page mode setting is the only synchronized via Chrome sync, whereas the per-website settings are stored locally.

Extension NameDark mode / night reader
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UpdatedSeptember 12, 2021
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What is the Dark mode / night reader Chrome Extension

Dark Mode, also known as Night Reader Mode, is a user interface design option that primarily uses dark colors to reduce the amount of light emitted by device screens. It has gained popularity for its aesthetic appeal and purported benefits to eye comfort and battery life, particularly on OLED or AMOLED displays.

This feature inverts the traditional light background and dark text color schematics, providing a dark background with light text. It can reduce eye strain in low-light environments, making it an ideal option for users who often use devices in the evening or dimly lit settings. Additionally, it can extend device battery life due to lesser energy consumption.

Dark mode / night reader "Discover the Night Reader: Dark Mode Feature"
Dark mode / night reader “Discover the Night Reader: Dark Mode Feature”

How to use the Dark mode / night reader Chrome Extension

Using Dark Mode or Night Reader is a relatively quick process that offers several benefits for users, particularly those who work late or have sensitive eyes. In addition to reducing eye strain, it can also help to conserve battery power, as darker screens use less energy. To enable Dark Mode or Night Reader, you typically go to your device or application settings, select ‘Display,’ and then ‘Dark Mode’ or ‘Night Mode.’ This will switch the color scheme from light to dark.

Nevertheless, the method of activating Dark Mode or Night Reader might slightly differ depending on the device or the application. For example, you may need to download an extension or add-on on some browsers to make this change.

In short, Dark Mode and Night Reader offer an effective way to alleviate eye strain and save battery power. Always note the steps depending on the device or application, and easily switch color schemes.

Introductory Overview

In our digital world, time spent on devices — whether for work, education, or entertainment —is increasing daily. This constant exposure to screens may eventually lead to eye strain, a condition commonly seen among people who spend endless hours gazing at digital monitors under various lighting conditions. A simple but effective solution to this modern-day problem is using inverted colors to showcase white text against a dark background. This user-friendly solution, which drastically reduces eye strain, is the heart of the feature of many browser extensions and apps designed to make the screen viewing experience more comfortable.

The Power of Inverted Colors

The science behind this technique of inverting colors is quite straightforward: A dark background reduces the light emitted by the monitor, reducing the contrast between the text and the surrounding environment, especially when working at night or in low-light conditions. This lessens the strain on the eyes and makes the text more pleasant.

An Extension Designed for Eye Comfort

One such remarkable browser extension featuring inverted colors, alongside other color and contrast tweaking modes, is the particular extension with 10,000 active users and an average rating of 4.2. This extension has been recently updated this year, reflecting its commitment to maintaining compatibility with the latest browser landscapes. Moreover, this extension falls under a GNU GPLv2 license, ensuring its free and open-source nature.

Tailoring Your Viewing Experience

The extension offers several modes of visual optimizations that users can switch between, depending on personal preference or lighting conditions. Mode 1 is the default, inverting colors and reducing contrast. Mode 2 provides inverted colors with normal or higher contrast. Mode 3 is contrast reduction only, and Mode 4 disables these optimizations.

Easy Operation and Settings Management

This extension is as simple as clicking a button in the icon bar and switching between the supported modes.


The benefits of this extension featuring inverted colors make it a must-have tool for enhancing comfort during long hours of screen time. This reduces eye strain and allows users to modify any web page’s visual experience according to individual needs.
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What is Dark mode / night reader?

Dark mode or night reader is a feature on digital devices that changes the background and certain elements of your device or apps to darker colors to reduce eye strain, particularly in low-light conditions.

Why should I use Dark mode / night reader?

Using dark mode can reduce eye strain, save energy (particularly on OLED or AMOLED screens), and make it easier to use a device in a dark setting. Additionally, using dark mode can improve sleep habits for those using tech devices before bed.

How can I enable Dark mode / night reader?

Enabling dark mode depends on your device and applications. Generally, you can find this feature in the display or accessibility settings of your device or app. In some cases, apps may not support dark mode.

Does using dark mode always save battery life?

Not always. While dark mode can save battery life on OLED or AMOLED screens because they turn off pixels when displaying black, it does not have the same effect on LCD screens. Check the type of your screen to determine if dark mode will save battery life on your device.