Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack

Mailtrack is a popular email tracking tool for Gmail, with over 2 million active users and 108,000 paying subscribers. It offers free and unlimited email tracking, Mail Merge, and PDF document tracking directly from your Gmail account. With the ability to track emails, follow up with alerts, and connect with Google Sheets for Mail Merge, Mailtrack is a valuable tool for professionals in various industries.

The features of Mailtrack include free and unlimited email tracking, follow-up email alerts, link tracking, campaigns, and Mail Merge. It also provides PDF tracking, tracking certificates, daily reports, Salesforce/CRM integration, and CSV data export. Moreover, Mailtrack prioritizes privacy and security, fully complying with GDPR regulations and passing an annual security audit by Google. With its wide range of features and benefits, Mailtrack is a valuable tool for job seekers, sales professionals, and email marketers looking to improve their outreach and engagement.

Extension NameEmail Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack
Users2,000,000 users
UpdatedDecember 11, 2023

What is the Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack Chrome Extension

Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack, is a powerful tool allowing users to track their emails using Gmail. This extension provides real-time email tracking and lets users know when their emails have been opened and read. With Mail Merge, users can send personalized emails to multiple recipients at once while still being able to track the individual interactions with each email. This tool is especially useful for sales teams, marketers, and anyone relying on email communication. With Mailtrack, users can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their email campaigns and follow up with recipients at the right time. Mail Merge-Mailtrack is a game-changing extension that allows users to control their email communication and improve their effectiveness.

In conclusion, Mail Merge-Mailtrack is an essential tool for anyone who relies on email communication in their professional life. With its real-time tracking and mail merge capabilities, users can streamline their email processes and gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns. This extension is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with Gmail, making it a convenient solution for individuals and teams. Whether you’re a salesperson looking to track your outreach efforts or a marketer wanting to personalize your email communications, Mail Merge-Mailtrack has you covered. Overall, this tool is a game-changer for anyone looking to improve their email productivity and effectiveness.

How to use the Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack Chrome Extension

Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack, is useful for those who want to keep track of their emails and perform mail merges within their Gmail account. To use Mailtrack, users simply need to download the Mailtrack Chrome extension, which seamlessly integrates with their Gmail account. Once installed, users can easily track when their emails are opened and read by recipients, helping them gauge the effectiveness of their communication. Additionally, Mail Merge-Mailtrack allows users to send personalized emails in bulk to multiple recipients, making it ideal for those who need to send out mass emails for marketing or communication purposes. With Mail Merge-Mailtrack, users can also track the performance of their mail merges, ensuring they reach their intended audience effectively. Mail Merge-Mailtrack is a valuable tool for those who want to streamline their email communication and track its impact.

Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack
Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack

As our lives become increasingly digital, email has become one of the most important tools for communication and marketing. With the rise of remote work and the need for effective outreach, email tracking, and marketing tools have become more important than ever. One such tool that has been making waves in the industry is Mailtrack, a free and unlimited email tracking and mail merge tool for Gmail with over 2 million active users.

With over 108,000 paying subscribers and 8 million registered users, Mailtrack is the go-to email tracking and marketing tool for professionals and businesses worldwide. Boasting a security audit by Google and GDPR compliance, Mailtrack offers an unmatched level of trust and security in the industry.

Email Tracker for Gmail chrome extension
Email Tracker for Gmail chrome extension

Mailtrack’s patented technology allows users to track their emails effortlessly, with top reviews from over 10,000 users giving the app a 4.5-star rating. Featured in top publications such as Forbes, Mashable, Inc., and Lifehacker and used by companies like Uber, Indeed, Randstad, Keller Williams, and Compass, Mailtrack is a reliable and trusted tool for all your email tracking and marketing needs.

The benefits of using Mailtrack are vast. With higher open rates and response rates than any other email tracker, Mailtrack helps you reach the inbox and ensures that your emails are less likely to end up in promotions or spam. The app also provides easy follow-up with alerts, mail merge capabilities, and bulk email features for email marketing and Gmail templates.

One of Mailtrack’s standout features is its mail merge and campaign capabilities. Users can send individually tracked emails to up to 1,000 recipients at a time, making it a powerful tool for personal email marketing. With custom emails extracting data from Google Sheets, users can easily create personalized and targeted campaigns that yield higher engagement and response rates.

The app also offers PDF tracking, link tracking, tracking certificates, and daily reports, giving users a comprehensive view of their email outreach and marketing efforts. With Salesforce/CRM integration, CSV data export, and support for both iOS and Android devices, Mailtrack is a versatile and user-friendly tool for professionals on the go.

Mailtrack’s commitment to privacy, safety, and security is at the core of its features. The app processes personal data according to the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and its privacy policy and terms of use fully comply with GDPR regulations. Additionally, Mailtrack undergoes an annual security audit by Google to ensure optimal security for its users.

Whether you’re job searching, sending quotes, invoices, newsletters, or email marketing campaigns, Mailtrack is the perfect tool to measure your email effectiveness and ensure that your emails reach the right audience. With its free and unlimited email tracking, mail merge, and campaign capabilities, Mailtrack is a game-changing tool for professionals and businesses looking to boost their outreach and email marketing efforts.

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How does Mail Merge-Mailtrack make money?

Mail Merge-Mailtrack generates revenue through its premium features and subscriptions. The platform offers advanced tracking and analytics tools for email campaigns and provides additional services for a fee.

Are my email tracking activities private on Mail Merge-Mailtrack?

Mail Merge-Mailtrack takes user privacy seriously and ensures all email tracking activities are secure and private. The platform does not share user data with third parties for advertising purposes.

How can I get started with Mail Merge-Mailtrack for email tracking?

You can benefit from advanced tracking and analytics features by simply using Mail Merge-Mailtrack for your email campaigns. Additionally, you can explore the platform’s subscription options for access to more advanced tracking tools.

Is Mail Merge-Mailtrack a for-profit company?

Mail Merge-Mailtrack is a for-profit company offering premium email tracking services for businesses and individuals.