IE Tab use and how to add IE Tab new in Google Chrome for better browsing experience

IE Tab is a Chrome extension that allows users to display web pages using Internet Explorer within the Chrome browser. It supports different versions of IE and enterprise deployments with Group Policy support. It enables the use of Java, Silverlight, and ActiveX in Chrome, as well as the editing of Sharepoint documents. The extension requires a separate helper program to communicate between the Chrome extension and the IE rendering engine, which is securely implemented. Enterprise customers can contact the support team for deployment options. The IE Tab extension’s Privacy Policy can be found on their website. With the removal of Internet Explorer in 2023, IE Tab will be fully supported in Windows 11.

IE Tab

The IE Tab extension for Chrome offers users the ability to display web pages using Internet Explorer within the Chrome browser. This is especially useful for those who need to utilize technologies such as Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, and Sharepoint, which are not fully supported in Chrome. With IE Tab, users can seamlessly use these technologies within the Chrome browser, and even load web pages with different versions of Internet Explorer, from IE7 to IE11.

IE Tab Extension
IE Tab Extension

It is important to note that IE Tab is fully supported in Windows 11, and will continue to be available even after Internet Explorer is removed in February 2023. However, in order to use IE Tab for Windows, users will need to install a separate executable called ietabhelper.exe. This is required to communicate between the Chrome extension and the Internet Explorer rendering engine. The IE Tab extension also offers features such as creating a list of URLs that will automatically open in IE Tab, group policy support for enterprise deployments, securely using the old IE rendering engine, and the ability to edit Sharepoint documents instead of opening them in read-only mode.

Frequently asked questions about IE Tab include why ietabhelper.exe is necessary, the safety and trustworthiness of the helper application, and deployment options for enterprise customers. The IE Tab team ensures the security and trustworthiness of the helper executable, and offers enterprise deployment options for businesses.

In addition to the features and functionality of IE Tab, the privacy policy for the IE Tab extension can be found on their website, providing transparency and information about how user data is handled.

Overall, the IE Tab extension offers a valuable solution for users who need to utilize Internet Explorer and its associated technologies within the Chrome browser. With its support in Windows 11 and beyond, and its commitment to security and privacy, IE Tab is a reliable tool for those who require the use of Internet Explorer in their web browsing experience.
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