Toucan by Babbel – Language Learning “Excel in English with Babbel’s Toucan App”

Toucan by Babbel is an innovative online tool to learn new languages such as English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and others, by integrating the learning process into your daily digital activities. By translating words and phrases on the websites you visit into your language of choice, Toucan provides a contextual and immersive method of language learning, making it a natural and effortless process.

Toucan goes beyond translating websites. It offers unique features like ‘Shortcuts’ for everyday language use, ‘Extra Practice’ to refine skills on platforms like Google and Twitter, and the ability to save words for later review. These distinctive features make learning fun and right at your fingertips. Toucan respects user privacy, therefore, it doesn’t track personal browsing activities. For any assistance, they have a proactive customer support team that can be reached via email.

Extension NameToucan by Babbel – Language Learning
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UpdatedNovember 7, 2023

What is the Toucan by Babbel – Language Learning Chrome Extension

Toucan by Babbel – Language Learning is an innovative, interactive tool for learning new languages. As an extension of the established Babbel platform, Toucan leverages the power of technology and the versatility of everyday web browsing to facilitate language acquisition. It offers users the unique opportunity to learn a new language whilst engaging in their normal online activities. The extension simply replaces certain words on the webpages you visit with their equivalent in the language you’re learning.

The key selling point of Toucan by Babbel is its seamless integration into daily life. Rather than setting aside dedicated time for language studying, users can learn at their own pace and in a more informal context. The extension covers 10+ languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and German. It provides for the learning experience to be customisable, as users can choose the difficulty level and the number of translated words per page.

In conclusion, Toucan by Babbel – Language Learning revolutionizes the language learning process by making it a part of our daily digital life. It is a perfect tool for those who want to make the most of their time online and learn a new language in the process. Its ease of use and adaptability to user’s needs sets it apart from traditional language learning applications.

How to use the Toucan by Babbel – Language Learning Chrome Extension

Toucan by Babbel is an innovative language learning extension that works in a uniquely immersive way. After downloading the extension, you simply browse the internet as you normally would. The extension intelligently swaps out some words or phrases in the language you’re learning. For instance, if you’re learning Spanish, the word “hello” on a webpage may be replaced with “hola”. This system of continuous, context-based learning has been shown to be highly effective, as it exposes the learner to the language in a realistic and practical way.

Toucan by Babbel - Language Learning
Toucan by Babbel – Language Learning

Using Toucan by Babbel is straightforward. Install the extension, choose your target language, then adjust the settings according to your desired intensity level and specific learning needs. You can, for instance, focus on vocabulary related to a certain theme, such as business or travel expressions. It’s also possible to view translations of your replaced words by simply hovering over them. Incorporate Toucan by Babbel into your daily web surfing routine for a seamless and enjoyable language learning experience.

Acquiring A New Language Naturally with Toucan

In today’s global world, learning a new language is more than just an engaging hobby; it’s a life skill that widens communication bridges and aids in understanding different cultures. Yet, traditional language learning methods can feel boring and laborious. Who would have thought that the mundane task of surfing the internet could help one learn a new language? It sounds intriguing, yes? Enter Toucan, a revolutionary tool that enables you to learn a new language by merely browsing the web.

How Does Toucan Work?

Learning new languages with Toucan is as straightforward as it gets. Whenever you visit a website, Toucan translates certain words and phrases into the language you’re keen to master. What does this mean? You gradually absorb your new language within contexts already familiar to you. The more you expose yourself to your new language, the faster you learn it. It’s a win-win situation!

Among the available languages are English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hebrew, and Hindi.

Toucan by Babbel - Language Learning Chrome Extension
Toucan by Babbel – Language Learning Chrome Extension

Special Features of Toucan

Toucan understands that language learning varies from individual to individual. To cater to diverse learning styles, it has come up with unique features that guarantee micro-moments of fun learning throughout your day.

Let’s look at these features in detail:


Toucan’s Shortcuts hand you the apt words and phrases for everyday life situations, such as ordering at a restaurant or locating the restroom. In other words, you need not become fluent in a language to use it effectively.

Extra Practice

With Extra Practice, Toucan embeds mini practice sessions onto Google, Twitter, and Reddit. This proves integral in mastering verb conjugations, grammar, and sentence structure, thereby reinforcing your new language.

Save Words for Later

Stumble upon a translation you wish to remember? Toucan allows you to save helpful words for later review and practice.

For any queries or issues, Toucan extends its customer support team to assist you. You can contact them via their email

Privacy Comes First with Toucan

While the idea of a tool processing your online content might feel intrusive, worry not. Your privacy is Toucan’s utmost priority. Despite its seamless integration into your web browsing, Toucan does not track your site visits, searches, or purchases. The tool only focuses on helping you master your chosen language.

For further information on Toucan’s privacy policies, you can visit their privacy policy at

In a nutshell, Toucan redefines language learning, echoing the belief that language should not simply be studied but lived. By breaking away from the conventional models of language learning, Toucan delivers an adaptive, enjoyable, and engaging approach to learning new languages. Permitting the usage of learned words in a highly contextual and practical environment, Toucan not only helps you memorize vocabulary but also imbibe its usage intuitively. As you explore the vast realms of the internet, Toucan ensures your language learning journey is just a click away.
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How does Toucan by Babbel work?

Toucan by Babbel is a browser extension that helps you learn new languages while you browse the web. It substitutes certain words on the pages you visit with those of the language you want to learn, helping you learn in context while not disrupting your browsing experience.

Is Toucan by Babbel free?

Yes, Toucan by Babbel is a free browser extension. However, there are premium plans available which offer additional features.

What languages does Toucan by Babbel support?

Toucan by Babbel supports multiple languages including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and more.

How effective is Toucan by Babbel for language learning?

The effectiveness of Toucan by Babbel can vary from person to person based on their learning style. However, it is designed to provide an immersive way to learn new languages while doing everyday web browsing.