Strava Bulk Edit “Strava Mass Edit: Quick Guide”

“Strava Bulk Edit” is a time-saving Chrome extension that allows Strava users to edit multiple Strava activities simultaneously. This extension provides an update panel below the activity panel and adds a title to the activity filter panel. Individual activities are updated one by one through all filtered activities. Privacy settings can also be modified for selected activities.

Certain fields in all filtered activities are not available in the update panel. The extension updates the fields that are available for each activity. On the downside, updating the Run type field is impossible due to an issue on Strava’s side. Any feedback, idea sharing, or bug reporting is encouraged and can be communicated through email or by adding an issue to the repository.

Extension NameStrava Bulk Edit
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UpdatedApril 13, 2022

What is the Strava Bulk Edit Chrome Extension

Strava Bulk Edit is a feature within the Strava fitness tracking application that allows users to edit multiple activities at once. This tool is especially useful for athletes who engage in routine workouts and want to categorize or customize their exercise data quickly and efficiently. Instead of individually adjusting the details of each activity, users save ample time through the bulk edit option.

This feature is an innovative approach by Strava to enhance user experience. It allows users to select multiple activities to change the activity type, commute, or privacy controls across all selected activities. Users no longer need to scroll through numerous activities or feel overwhelmed by the volume of logged workouts. With Strava Bulk Edit, updating workout data becomes a structured and streamlined process.

In conclusion, Strava Bulk Edit feature attributes to the convenience and efficiency of managing fitness data. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a casual fitness enthusiast, bulk editing is a user-friendly way to adjust large amounts of activities all at once. It showcases the ongoing advancement in fitness tracking technology to deliver a more personalized and efficient way of logging workouts.

How to use the Strava Bulk Edit Chrome Extension

Strava Bulk Edit is a user-friendly tool that allows Strava users to manage their activities efficiently. After logging into Strava, navigate to the “My Activities” section located on the dashboard. Upon clicking it, various activities such as runs, rides, swims and walks will be displayed. Strava Bulk Edit tool comes in handy in this section, allowing selection of multiple activities and editing them simultaneously.

Strava Bulk Edit "Strava Mass Edit: Quick Guide"
Strava Bulk Edit “Strava Mass Edit: Quick Guide”

To use the Strava Bulk Edit tool, simply click on the ‘Bulk Edit’ button located in the top right corner of the My Activities page. One can then select multiple activities by clicking on the checkboxes beside each one. Once all desired activities are selected, click ‘Edit’ to access the drop-down menu, which allows changes to activity type, gear, commute status, or privacy controls. After making the necessary adjustments, click ‘Save’ to ensure all changes are applied across all selected activities. This tool is indeed, significantly valuable in saving time and enhancing Strava user experience.

Remember, however, that the bulk edit tool has some limitations. For instance, it cannot edit the title, description or the splits for multiple activities at a go. Thus, manual editing is still necessary for more detailed individual activity specifications.

A Chrome extension that proves to be highly beneficial for Strava users is one that allows you to edit multiple Strava activities simultaneously. This extension simplifies Strava’s user experience by adding a title to the activity filter panel and an update panel below the activity panel. The extension works in the background, updating all the filtered activities one by one, saving you a lot of hassle and time.


To utilize this extension, below are the simple steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Visit the “My Activities” page on the Strava website (

Step 2: Select the activities you need to edit using the filters. The extension provides these filters.

Step 3: Choose the desired privacy settings for the selected activities.

Step 4: Click the “Update activities” button.

Once you click on “Update activities”, a loading screen will appear while the extension begins to process the requested changes in the background. On completion of the updating process, this loading screen will automatically close.

Updating Fields

It is essential to note that not all filtered activities contain all the fields available in the update panel. The extension will intelligently update only the fields available for every particular activity.

Moreover, the gear lists might show legacy gear, a characteristic of the extension that copies the gear values from the filter. However, no updates will be made to the legacy gear if chosen in the update panel because it is unavailable in the activities.

Known Issue

Presently, you might encounter the inability to update the ‘Run type’ field. This issue seems to exist on the Strava side, and although the code is already in the extension, it remains disabled for the time being.


In the foreseeable future, I aim to develop a few enhancements for this extension, which have already been added as issues in the repository (


In conclusion, this Chrome extension for Strava aims to enhance the user’s experience by simplifying the process of updating multiple Strava activities at once. Its diverse features tailored to meet the practical needs of users make it a must-have tool for Strava users. Explore the functionality of this extension and let it take care of all your Strava updates efficiently and effortlessly.
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What is Strava Bulk Edit?

Strava Bulk Edit is a feature on Strava that allows you to select multiple activities and edit them all at once. This is particularly useful when you want to change the privacy settings, gear, or add descriptions to many activities.

How do I use Strava Bulk Edit?

To use Strava Bulk Edit, go to the ‘My Activities’ on your Strava profile. Then, select the activities you want to edit by dragging over multiple activities. A side panel will open with editing options like name, type, privacy settings, gear, and description.

Is Strava Bulk Edit feature available on mobile?

No, currently the Strava Bulk Edit feature is only available on the Strava website and not in the mobile application.

Is there a limit to how many activities I can select to edit on Strava at once?

There is no specified limit for the number of activities you can select to edit on Strava at once. However, it is easier to manage if you select and edit a manageable number of activities at a time.