Emojis – Emoji Keyboard Express Yourself with Our Custom Emoji Keyboard

The Emojis – Emoji Keyboard is a useful Chrome extension that simplifies the emoji posting process. This tool eliminates the need to visit emoticon websites to search, copy, and paste emojis manually. After installing the extension, you can easily select and use any emoji for your messages or comments. Featuring a comprehensive collection of emoticons, including emoji 5 (Unicode 10) with popular options like vampires and fairies, the company plans to update to new emoji 6 (Unicode 11) when available on popular platforms.

The keyboard also offers differing emoticon styles, showing how emojis appear on different platforms. Users can switch between light and night mode themes and replace emojis on social platforms like Twitter and YouTube. Use is straightforward, either by typing “::” followed by the emoji name, selecting the smiley face icon in the toolbar, or copying the chosen emoji from the popup box if the site’s function issues. This extension has roughly 20,000 users and a 4.6 rating out of 5, showcasing its popularity and user satisfaction.

Extension NameEmojis – Emoji Keyboard
Users20,000 users
UpdatedAugust 17, 2023

What is the Emojis – Emoji Keyboard Chrome Extension

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Emojis – Emoji Keyboard is a digital keyboard application for smartphones that enables a multitude to different emojis, stickers and GIFs. Designed to enhance communication, it allows users to express themselves with more than just words. Whether it’s a wide array of facial expressions, food, animals, or flags, the Emoji Keyboard goes beyond the standard offerings of typical smartphone keyboards.

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The app includes a variety of useful features. You can customize your keyboard with different themes or use the swipe typing feature for a faster typing experience. Also, it comes with a robust search feature, enabling you to find the right emoji quickly. The keyboard can be used across various texting applications, allowing you to add flavor to your social media or messaging conversations.

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In conclusion, Emojis – Emoji Keyboard is a versatile tool that offers a fun and creative way to spice up digital communication. It’s a compilation of illustrated emotions and concepts useful in personal and professional settings. It stands out from other standard keyboards by offering various emojis and customizability options.

How to use the Emojis – Emoji Keyboard Chrome Extension

Article: “Unlocking Expressions through Emojis – Using Emoji Keyboard”

Emojis have become ubiquitous, adding visual vibrancy to our digital conversations. Let’s dive into how to use Emojis – Emoji Keyboard to brighten up our chats. Initially, it’s all about installing the application from your respective app store. Once it’s downloaded and installed, access the keyboard by clicking on the Globe symbol near the space bar on your standard keyboard. You can then swipe across the gallery of emojis, picking and inserting those which best carry your emotions.

Emojis - Emoji Keyboard "Express Yourself with Our Custom Emoji Keyboard"
Emojis – Emoji Keyboard “Express Yourself with Our Custom Emoji Keyboard”

Customization in Emoji Keyboard is another bonus. There are options to select different skin tones for human emojis, and a search bar to find the perfect emoji to express specific emotions. We can also use the frequently used section, which tailors itself as per our usage. Also, the stickers, GIFs, and themes sections add extra flair to our conversations.

To sum it up, Emojis – Emoji Keyboard eliminates the drudgery of text-only conversations, providing a colorful palette of emotions at our fingertips. Through its easy-to-navigate interface and countless options, it allows us to express ourselves in the digital world better.

Enhancing Online Communication with Emojis

Emojis have come a long way since their inception, transitioning from simple, static images to a beautifully diverse range of emoticons representing almost any emotion, action, item, or situation. Conveying thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a digital space is easily accomplished using emojis, adding a layer of richness and depth to digital communication.

Emojis - Emoji Keyboard Chrome Extension
Emojis – Emoji Keyboard Chrome Extension

For Chrome users, there is good news that transforms how we insert emojis into our online conversations – a unique and handy tool, a browser extension that brings an emoji keyboard right onto your screen. Now, you no longer need to surf emoticon websites, search, copy, and paste emojis to bring life to your messages. This emoji keyboard makes it easy to select any desired emoji directly from the extension and include them in your posts, comments, and messages.

A Glimpse into the Features of the Emoji Extension

Extensive Emojis Collection: This extension includes a full pack of emojis, even including the latest additions from emoji 5 (Unicode 10). Now you can choose from a library featuring unique emojis such as vampire, mage, fairy, merperson, and many more. Moreover, with plans to update and include new emoji 6 (Unicode 11) once they become popular, this extension keeps users ahead with the trend.

Variety of Emoji Styles:The extension offers various emoji styles, providing a sneak peek into how they look on different platforms. This feature helps users select the desired style fitting various platforms’ aesthetics.

Light and Night Mode Themes:This emoji keyboard extension offers two themes for the keyboard: light mode and night mode catering to the user’s preference and ambient lighting.

Personalize Emojis on Platforms: Another striking feature is the option to replace emojis of Twitter, YouTube, G+ etc., with customized style emojis that stand out in your online presence.

Extension Usage Instructions

Method 1: While typing anywhere on the web, type :: and start typing the name of an emoji. The extension will prompt a list of matching emojis. You can select the desired emoji by pressing the Tab button followed by Enter. For instance, typing ::cat:: will provide you with the cat emoji.

Method 2: Click on the box where you typically key in your text (Status message or tweet, for example). Then, select an emoji on the smiley face icon in your toolbar. On Mac, you can directly witness the emoji appear. For older Windows versions (XP, 7), instead of an emoji, a rectangle appears, which implies the presence of an emoji. Once you’ve sent the message, the emoji will appear at the designated spot.

Method 3: This method involves copying the emoji from the pop-up box after selecting the desired emoji, similar to the previous method. This step is beneficial when the site you’re working on doesn’t support emojis effectively.

In conclusion, this emoji keyboard extension aims to bridge the gap between our thoughts and digital expression, ensuring our communications are engaging, interactive, and, most importantly, clear. The wide range of features enhances our online conversations, making them more vibrant and emotionally enriched.
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How does the Emoji Keyboard work?

Emoji Keyboard allows users to input emojis easily while writing text. You click on the emoji or symbol you want to use, and it will be inserted where your text cursor is.

Is the Emoji Keyboard compatible with all devices?

Yes, the Emoji Keyboard can be used on most devices that allow text input, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Does the Emoji Keyboard require any installation?

Depends on the device you are using. You may need to download a dedicated emoji keyboard app from your app store for smartphones and tablets. For computers, they usually have a built-in emoji keyboard that you can use.

Are there any costs involved in using the Emoji Keyboard?

Most of the Emoji Keyboards are free to use. However, some specific emoji keyboard apps may have additional features that require a small fee.